Om meg

I studied at Axelson's Body Work School, the oldest and largest school in the Nordic countries within manual treatments. I have a passion for massage and believe that this is perfect profession. I have my professional continuous education on Oncology (Cancer/kreft) Massage, Treating Hip Pain and Dysfunction, Evaluating and Treating Chronic Neck Pain, Aroma Therapy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Vaccum Cupping Massage, Dynamic Taping, Dry Needling for Trigger Points ,Anatomy of Pain. I have a passion and commitment on loosening up tight muscles and over the years have built up broad experience. I had been practicing in the Philippines for long years.
As I continuously practicing, I have the strength to understand customers' body problems through body reading. It can be about more than just tight muscles.


Sertifiseringer og Videreutdanning

Norges Massasje Forbund

Oncology Massage (Kreft Massasje)

Kenisio Taping and Dynamic Taping

Dry Needling

Trigger Point Therapy


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